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Anywhere on your journey, we can help

We are a full-service analytics consulting company and our goal is to make our customers successful regardless of where they are on their analytics journey or how they need help.

Questions about how to get started or fleshing out the details of a plan? This is how most of our customers start and our Advisory services are for you.  Need experts to help drive your plan to success? That is where our Build services come in.  Already up-and-running with your modern infrastructure but need help managing it, training your team, or hiring staff? Look at our Enabling services.


Our Advisory senior level practitioners have been there and done that in all things data and analytics. Applying the best of what is available in today’s market balanced with tried and true best practices and industry tuned common sense ensures actionable advice that drives real business value. You can take advantage of our Advisory Service to fast track your analytical programs and ensure every step forward builds on the next.

Advisory senior level practitioners

Assessment and Roadmap

Our team members have co-created hundreds of Assessment & Roadmaps that provide analytic blueprints for digitalization, modernization and monetization of your data assets. Each step is built on identified high value business driven use cases for foundational and critical PPG (people, processes & governance) and solution architectures to ensure successful programs.

Analytics Program Oversight

Our program managers can help structure and execute your data and analytics program in an agile and cost effective way while focusing on the highest business value to drive success. 

Interim CDO / Analytic Advisory Board

Senior-level experienced analytic talent is difficult to find and expensive to retain. While you are trying to find the right fit, our senior-level practitioners can step in and provide an interim CDO or sit on your Analytics Steering Committee or Advisory board to provide industry leading advice.

agile approach


Evolving a strategy into a real-world solution requires not only technical capability, but modern/lean methodologies along with a strong business understanding. We want to make sure every step you take with EA is a step forward. Our industry passion combined with experience, accelerators and approach will get you ahead of the curve

Agile & Business-Focused

We feel that data priorities should be driven by business needs. Because business conditions are constantly changing, your data solution should be able to quickly adapt. We design and scale projects for the fastest business outcomes RATHER than large IT efforts.

Data Mgmt Excellence

Data management sets the foundation for timely, consistent, and trustworthy insights. We apply decades of best practice expertise to make your data solution scalable and of high quality so that it can continually adapt and grow as business needs change.

Results-Oriented Analytics

Analytics are more than reports and pretty charts. They need to drive better decision-making; getting the right information into the right hands at the right time, often through automation. AI can augment analytics to extract deeper insights and predict future actions.

Adaptable AI & Machine Learning

We take a pragmatic approach to AI and machine learning that aims to quickly understand whether specific models are effective or need to change, creating adaptable models that lower the cost and improve the time to success.


When you’re ready to take your data-driven organization to the next level, we can help. Our customized services can help you support your new data solution, as well as continue to evolve it to meet your changing business needs.

customized data and analytic services


For clients that have leveraged our recommended approaches, our standard solution architecture and our business driven analytics; we serve as your Analytics department and manage the solution, continually evolving your data and analytics to continue to drive value for your organization.

Managed Innovation

When you need specific expertise in data modeling, data movement, or analytics, we can help you innovate for your specific need. Turn to us when you need expertise for a specific analytics, data management, or data science project.

Engagement Scale Criteria

There are a lot of factors that go into sizing a project.  The criteria below will help you think about what you need to consider when you are embarking on your next data and analytics initiative.