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About Us

Helping Companies Compete Without Blockers

Evolution Analytics is a services firm focused exclusively on analytics and data science. Our deep data and analytics expertise and proven methodologies break down barriers, automate repetitive decisions, and solve pressing business problems. Collaborating with clients, our award-winning consultants imagine the transformative possibilities that maximize past investments to achieve new levels of insight and success. 

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Mid-Markets Can Thrive With Barriers Gone

Data and analytics are continually evolving. Having worked in this industry for decades, we’ve witnessed vast amounts of change. Innovations in data management, analytics and data science have exponentially increased functionality and performance, driving greater value to businesses.

For far too long, mid-market companies have been underserved by data and analytic solutions, having found them too expensive and complicated. Fortunately, new pricing models like pay-as-you-go have eliminated such barriers to entry and offer significant reductions in the total cost of ownership for data and analytics.

Evolution Analytics specializes in helping mid-market companies take advantage of new technologies and capitalize on the lessons we’ve learned firsthand from market leaders.

What We Believe

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Connected Data Network

Data-driven companies are the most successful. Our expertise can help aspirational companies on their journey.

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Midsize Data Analytics Company

Mid-size companies can compete with the big guys. In fact, with optimized data technology, they often adapt much more quickly.

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Cloud-based Analytics

Modern, cloud-based analytics platforms are a game-changer. The value-proposition for modernizing is compelling.

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Successful Data Analytics Chart

The art and science of successful analytics describes the creativity and adaptation to solve business problems, supported by data science to automate repeatable processes.

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5 Ways We Stand Apart

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Great People

Our business is human. We identify and develop talented individuals, at all levels, to offer skilled consultants who solve critical business and technology challenges.

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Business Chops

While much of our work involves technology, those are just tools in our toolbelt. We’ve succeeded in a wide array of industries with our business-driven philosophy and serious experience.

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Technology Expertise

Our consultants design and build solutions using modern analytics architectures. With a specialization in cloud-native technologies for analytics, AI/ML, and decision automation, we bring new possibilities to life.

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Accelerators & Automation

We move fast and show value quickly.  We maintain a robust set of assets to automate our development and testing, accelerate solutions for known business problems, and increase speed to value.

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Proven Approach

Our business-driven approach involves an iterative cycle of 1) identifying and prioritizing the top decisions to focus on; 2) surrounding those problems with relevant data; 3) uncovering insights with analytics and AI; 4) automating decisions and processes where possible.

Our People

Our business strategists, solution architects, and advisors include these and other talented analytics experts.

vince belanger


todd nash


john harmann


amy chickerneo


felix amankwah


christian hodgson


mike coffey





debbie callahan



Our Values

Make good choices, always

We maintain high standards of ethics, honor our commitments, and emphasize accountability. Some call this integrity; we call it just doing good business.

Challenge the status quo

We bring open minds, serious focus, and speed to every client engagement. Our experience enables us to guide clients through every stage of their journey, breaking through blockers to reach their goals.

Bring out the best in everyone

Technology, career, life, family, health are things that can exhilarate and also stress us. We choose not to pile on. By fostering collaborative, respectful and honest working relationships, we deliver high-value outcomes without added pressure. 

Have fun along the way

We enjoy our work and the people we do it with. We embrace all moments for what they are, especially savoring light-hearted and celebratory ones. Our goal is to delight customers through results and a trusted relationship, paving the way to work together time and again.

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Join Our Team

Do you enjoy working in the data industry?

If you’re smart, curious, reliable and collaborative, we’d love to hear from you. We continuously seek consultants to help our mid-market clients better compete with data, analytics and AI.

Send us an email at info@evolutionanalytics.com

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