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Adrift with Analytics?

We’ve heard it many times: The business users are unhappy, there is a fear of falling behind its competitors, the current analytics applications are slow and under-used, and people don’t trust the data.

Even worse, you don’t have a plan to make it better, don’t know how to create a plan, and don’t have the ability to execute on one even if you did.  Sound familiar?

EA Can Help

We excel at helping mid-market companies create strategic plans for analytics and implement those plans to drive success.  Keep reading to learn why we’re the right company to help you on your journey.

Proven Success

Satisfied Customers

We have driven success at hundreds of companies and have the awards and testimonials to prove it.  Don’t just take our word for it, we encourage talking to our references.

Business-Driven Approach

We take a business-driven approach to our work and judge success through business results. We are very good at technology, but implementing technology is not how success should be measured.  This approach ensures that we’re fully aligned with our customers and ensures long-term success.

Winning Philosophy

We don’t think our approach should be unique, but it is surprisingly rare.  Simply speaking, we know long-term success for us comes by having happy customers that want to come back to us.    Our customers always come first.  Learn more.

Deep Expertise

Seasoned Consultants

Our teams involve senior practitioners with years of experience and our leaders have been doing this for over 25 years each.

Masters of Technology

We aim to solve business problems, but analytics technologies are the tools in our tool bag that allows us to be successful.  We are focused on delivering modern technology solutions that help companies compete now and into the future.  Learn more.

Recognition & Awards

Our leadership has a long history of managing award-winning consulting organizations and we carry that forward to Evolution Analytics.  We’re already getting recognized around the industry.


Analytics is all we do

100% of our is focused on solving customer challenges using analytics, data science, and decision automation.  This often has a foundation with a modern cloud analytics platform that we can use to quickly deliver business insights through machine learning & other advanced analytics as well as traditional reports & dashboards.  We focus on not just showing data, but delivering actionable applications and automating repetitive business decisions.

The Mid-Market is primed for growth

We focus on the unique challenges of mid-sized companies with a goal of helping them advance and compete.  We spent years working with large, industry leading companies, but we strongly feel that the tools and techniques pioneered there are now readily usable by smaller companies ready to take the next leap forward.

Our Proven Approach to Success

New technologies increased data and analytic capabilities and have lowered the cost, letting mid-market companies compete with the big guys. Now is the time to create a data-driven organization that leverages data, analytics, machine learning, and automation to maximize business results.

1. Create a Plan

2. Incrementally Build

3. Empower your Team

Are you ready to make data-informed decisions?

Transform your business with data and analytics, and start building a data-driven culture.

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